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Bullet Speedbar compact V1.2 / Standard V2.2

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BULLET Speedbar - Model compact V 1.2

BULLET Speedbar - Model Standard V 2.2

Bullet speedbar is born from passion for cross country and paragliding competitions. Is the result of a need. We did our best to create what all pilots should have:
a comfortable, fast and accurate speed bar.
Finally you can just think about the air, without distractions, like having to move your feet sideways to go straight!
We are sure! You will never return to traditional systems!

Bullet speed bar is just what was missing!

What's Bullet?

  • 3 steps revolutionary, "ergonomic" speed bar
  • Compatible with almost all cocoon harness type on market
  • Solid, "Competition resistant" structure
  • Little weight: 213 g (0,47 lb) for standard model
    159 g (0,35 lb) for light model